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Our Workshops

To all our English readers, we translated all the information about our wonderful workshops for your convenience. We hope you will find it helpful. Please mind that there are some workshops which are being led in Hebrew. All that has to do with moving, dancing, breathing, meditating and etc can be easily translated for you.
We hope you will join us on our lovely desert-adventure 🙂 


Aviv Shetrit:  Angels walk and Therapy

Dive in deep into the truth of the heart, into an ecstatic experience of togetherness and a chance to open eternal gates of love.  “Angels walk” is a gathering which enables us all to experience that first touch – so pure and clean, enriches and supports which is profoundly healthy for us today. I invite you to get a hug.

Tim Kelley: Connecting to the source workshop

We invite you to a mini workshop facilitated by Tim Kelley, an international figure and mentor. Together we will understand what is destiny and the eminence of its discovery.  How do we discover destiny and mainly how to communicate with our intuition? What is the source and why it does not get along with our ego?

Ma shanti Gitama: Unio Mystica

The divine key to transcending: the work is based on the fact that every human being is actually half male and half female. As long as we haven’t discovered the inner harmony between the polarities, our outer relationship will reflect our inner conflicts. Here we will explore the different personas that we are, including their needs and ways of integration. We will open a door into a more fulfilled life.

It opens us to the meeting between man and woman, the root principle that makes life happen, and the potential for expanding in meditation. An experiment in intimacy and presence in love, where our essential male and female energies can meet in love and awareness transcending polarities and separation.

Fraidy Margalit : Exiting the Matrix

“There is no way to explain what is Matrix, you have to see and experience it for yourself”.  “What is the thing that makes one succeed and another to trample and find himself”? Who is the one to dictate if we live in true love or in constant seeking after it? Is there a way for us to manage our “circumstances “or are they stronger than us? What can we do to create a real change in our lives? A deep acquaintance with our awareness as a way to produce the desired reality and in conclusion, “Monarchy frequency”, conscious orders to strengthen and command confidence.

Fraidy Margalit :True love - What is this nonsense? 

What is the thing that causes us to reconstruct and restore those very relationships time and time again?

 Why are we attracted to the unreachable and by this manner, preventing ourselves from implementing a healthy and fitting love in our lives? Most importantly, how can we get out of this demanding “loop “and upgrade the present relationship or invite a new one that is better for our lives?

*This workshop is suited for couples or ones that are after love

Udi Oz: Psychodrama and movement – my place in a group

Where do I take place in a group or connection?

What is my “technique”? Standout or disappear? Do you cause the laughter or do you oppose? Be the one to lead the group or be the one needing the leader? How much is the “technique “that I adapted for myself id automatic and instant and how much is it from my choice?

We will learn and discover “secrets” of our contact through a combination of the world of psychodrama and movement.

Udi Oz:  Contact workshop – intelligence of touch

Meeting… We are meeting with the other almost all the time. That’s how the world works… We join others or others join us. Contact is a dance that takes place when keeping a meeting point of touch with a partner or more. We will learn how to create connections and contact, presence, trust and alertness to what is going on in that moment in time – through the point of touch while listening, enjoying and playing.

Udi Oz:  Improvisation and movement workshop – and experience that creates a dance

If parts of our bodies could only talk, what stories would they tell? In this workshop we will allow our body to talk and discover what our body holds. What emotions, feelings, and words are existent in our bodies and in which parts of our bodies are present to these words. We will discover the movement that the experience produces and the entire dance of the body. You will find yourselves lively, enthusiastically and creatively dancing and moving the body.

Avital Sabag: Cooking Workshop – An entire meal in salad

How can we make a salad into one wholesome meal? 

Understanding the connection between precise ingredients can help us to produce a complete meal with salad that we can make for ourselves and our loved ones before we start our daily routine.  Efficiency is one of the hidden truths that produce nutritious meals for the brain, attention system and for your health. All you have to do is be efficient in the kitchen. That is what we will focus on in the workshop.

Avital Sabag: Cooking Workshop – Rolls

The most fascinating workshop EVER! Apparently each region or tribe chose rolling food as their preferred platform.  The Chinese use rice paper, the Japanese are known for their Nori seaweed, Indian for their Chapati, the Greek for their Warak Arish. Together we will explore with enjoy and roll! 

Avital Sabag: Medicine through Nutrition through the seasons of the years

Where are we headed? What do we know about nutrition by the help of the seasons of the year? Why is it so important to connect to Mother Nature and what does she produce in each season? In the system of the five elements, according to Chinese medicine, we refer to therapy and treatments through the understanding that are linked to birth and the element in which each individual belongs. A well balanced conversation will lead us to the understanding of how the universe desires to provide us with its good strengths – if we listen to it!

Or Koren: Make love to life

We will discuss and learn how to make love to life and how to become one with love. To bring all of ourselves, our ideas, visions, hearts, passions, pain, fears, emotions and love to our lives.  We will learn how we can allow life to come inside intimately through our idea, experiences, discoveries, voice, movement and touch and through this manner we can become lovers of life. The Workshop is consisted of an experiential journey through movement and attentiveness. It is a meeting that joins us in a deep integration to nature, our freedom, our hearts, bodies and feelings.

Or Koren: Celebrating Life

Open your morning through a baby’s eye and connection of body movement, the passion of life and the heart. Everybody wants to enjoy life to its fullest and to fully hype on life.  The way we interacted with our needs and surroundings as babies was merely out of complete freedom. We did this using expression of pleasure and pain. Within time, we have forgotten or born capabilities to bring ourselves to our utmost fulfillment. This is our chance to come from a new and conscious place, to repeat this freedom of expression that grants us the freedom to live more authentically and closer to ourselves. When we agree to meet with ourselves, a door opens that strengthens our presence and our abilities to bring ourselves as a gift to this world.

Or Koren and Avi Sadeh  (Live Music): Wild and innocent- A journey to the heart, body and Eros

An Experiential developmental journey with live music that is derived from the depths that leads to the depths. We will head out to a secure and releasing journey into our innocent and wild nature. We will create the space to meet and investigate with ourselves and choose (if we want) to leave for reunions in the process that invites us to connect to the heart, body and sexual energy within us. *This workshop contains no nudity nor sexual touch or intimacy.

Uri Aharonov and Tali: Limitation of freedom or limitative freedom

Does creativity come from freedom or from a place of limitation? We will experiment through musical and theatrical exercises to experience and discover where our creative sources come from. 

Uri Regev: Song Therapy

I invite you to a deep process of personal deepening and inner exploration through songwriting. In this workshop we will deal with conflicts in relationships through personal songwriting on life. With the help of songwriting we will delve in our present relationships or conflicts from the past that have not yet been resolved. There is no need in experience in writing or music.

Ilanit Issachar: The power of softness- Life and essentiality through the body

We have an opportunity to listen and work with the body. When we don’t live our lives to the fullest, our body is in distress. When we are out and looking for answers our body is in destress. It’s a distress that can be expressed in different ways: flattened breathing, pain, diseases, addictions and more… When we listen to our bodies in life, when we live life with what we have and not through fantasy, there is harmony and the body is in peace. The body always speaks the truth. We will learn and exercise in listening to the body, renew the connection of plugging the socket into the flow, harmony and essentiality.  In the second part we will experience the beat (movement of the body as a heartbeat) of powerful softness. We will learn basic sequence of beats and we will exercise them in pairs. This is a chance to listen to the body, the softness that invites us to live and flow.

Ilanit Issachar : The power of softness - the inner child

Living the life of the inner child and the good parent - playful, lightness, here and now and like the child discovers and investigates the world, always in movement and flow, never gets stuck, tries again until it succeeds! We will enable the inner child within us to go wild, move and fall in love with us again! Growing Parenthood – inner parenthood of the inner baby within us and of course growing parenthood for our children – we will live our lives out of love, release control, we will get what we deserve from love, investigate the world through a curious glance of a boy, of the body because the body is like a child when it receives good feeding:  good nutrition, warmth, loving hugs, love, support, and motivation. This child will grow with confidence, flourish, will be self-fulfilled and will live its life to the fullest! 

We will learn the positive aspects in our bodies (instead of the criticism, guilt, offensiveness etc.). Through this, we will experience how the body repays us with health, essentiality and happiness – life!  In the second part we will experiment in the beat

In the second part we will experience the beat (movement of the body as a heartbeat) of powerful softness. We will learn and play with basic sequences of beats and we will exercise them in pairs. This is a chance to meet and play with our inner child. You will get a chance to listen, love, and see how you feel and what you choose in your life.

Ilana Stein: Getting acquainted with the world of picking

In the nature of our surroundings, in the city and outside of it, there is abundance of uncultivated plants that can serve us for food, medicine and more.

In this workshop we will get introduced to the world of picking and become aware of the great abundance in our surroundings. We will get to know of local plants and plants from the hills. We will explore, smell and taste this abundance. 

Ilana Stein: Food preservation

Every season has its abundance but how do we preserve it throughout the entire year? We will discuss on different preservation methods of food - traditional and new, simple and complicated. It will also be a shared preparation making honey out of fruit from the abundance of the current season!

Orit Succary: The white line – dance through silk

Low and behold, a treasure of knowledge from the silk for remembrance. We will go through a cultural anthropological journey of different languages of movements inspired by silk related cultures up to the study of personal movement. Come experiment versatile movement following nations from west China up until Northwest Africa. This workshop is deeply inspired from dance and ceremonies of the ancient world.

Orit Succary: Trance embracing world

From exploring cultures to finding self-discovery, behold, a movement journey in cultural exploration, customs and paces exploring different ways of movement influenced by Pagan and folk ceremonies up until personal exploration of the movement. Come experience with me a celebration resulted from ceremonies and folk dance from India until Cush. Please come with and open mind to get answers from the body and readiness for a release in the journey.


Ananda Das: Laughter Yoga Workshop: Laughing Buddhas

This workshop offers a safe space to laugh and play. You laugh at the ridiculousness of your own Mind without conditions and have Tons of fun. You will feel completely relaxed, lighter and with a quiet mind and strength to face the day to day life with more Joy and sense of humor. Nothing is more relaxing than being able to be Simply Yourself.

Ananda Das: Kundalini Yoga Meditation Workshop

in this workshop we will focus on how to quiet the mind and observe the Awareness inside.

Ananda Das: Music and mindfulness

The session focuses on using music to connect the world of emotions and inner awareness meditative States. This use is ancient but it never stops from renewing itself. In this workshop we will learn on the method that music affects our souls but we will mostly experience in guided listening to the music playing and excerpts from sounds and recorded music. We will examine the inner listening in movement and the use of our voices. 

Ananda Das: A window to the Mediterranean sea – Therapy in Mizrahi Music

A session consisted of a musical massage to the heart through deep and true love songs to the Mediterranean Sea that’s dipped in fine olive oil. It will consist of Ballads from Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and Egypt in a personal acoustic and intimate interpreted presentation.

Alon Amano Campino on vocals and Guitar

Itzik Gen virtuoso oriental string instrument- Kamanche, Oud and Baglama

Ananda Das: Self - Compassion 

During our ongoing quest to feel good, to be happy, to create healthy connections with others and to implement the greatest aspirations, we repeatedly fall victims to serious attacks from within - judgmental characters and harsh self-criticism. This happens when something goes wrong when we get hurt and things become out of control, we then start making mistakes or feel weakness against the difficulties of life. 

In this workshop we will be assisted with listening (mindfulness) and different psychological and experiential tools to nurture within us inspire and cultivate in us the essential mental resource that is essential – self-pity. This is an invitation to open the heart to all that is within me including the difficult places and to allow integration and real growth.

Iris Eyal Valenstein: African Dance

This Workshop is an energetic dance that combines a traditional African dance with a little interpretation of both mine and the dancers. I learned the African Dance in France, Africa, New-York and here in Israel. It is a fun combination of music, movement and the dancers. Come and enjoy this release!


Iris Eyal Valenstein: African Tempo and dance

In this Workshop we will combine body drumming exercises, drumming sticks with African dance – an energetic and riveting dance. This will be a great connection between music and people through dance and a release all in one!

Jade Wepener : Biodanza: Passion – Fuel for Life

Biodanza urges us to live life fully, to seize the day with totality, passion and vitality. Passion produces heat, energy, intensity of feeling and aliveness in our bodies and heart. It is not reserved only for romantic partners, but can be felt in all areas of life. Let’s light the inner fire of passion – passion that energizes and motivates us to live, to love, to create.

Jade Wepener : Biodanza: Intimacy with life

How is your relationship with life? Could you experience more depth, connection, expansion, joy, abundance and beauty in your life? Biodanza offers this possibility, though movements that generate life, connection, and integration. An opportunity to deepen your connection, discover an intimacy and flow with existence.

Arnina Kashtan: Falling in love with myself again

Connect to the springs of choices, the acceptance and life… That is within us

I don’t want green –About the power of choice 

Why did we forget – the truth that is behind the “Victims”, to agree to accept, to agree to ask- to meet the movement of life.

Asaf Rabi: Mahamudra Meditaion

A divine meditation from the book "the Supreme understanding tantra,” that invites us to a deep and soft exercise that connects between the man and the universe. The first stage of the meditation is called latihan and it is a body movement practice that is compatible the deepest level that is within us that is united with the universe. It is a level of cleanse and connection to soft movement of the body. The second stage is called the prayer stage in which the exerciser turns into a cosmic energy channel that connects between the skies to the land. Osho once said that practicing this meditation for three months can lead to a complete merging experience of man and the universe from the Mahamudra – “the giant orgasm”.

Tarika: Aum Celebrating life

We will go on a fascinating journey through a dynamic interactive meditation consisted of 14 steps that will take us into ourselves. Like a rollercoaster we will go through reversed emotions, consciously experiencing each emotion in its total self, releasing and connecting the force within us, breaking barriers, daring to remove our masks and opening to love so we eventually can get to that inner peace and an open heart. The AUM is a practice which brings awareness into sensitive situations without losing our center and without getting lost in the drama.

Tarika: NLP Totally wild absolutely free – The freedom to live

Everybody wants to be free. Time passes and people change and we are still run by the old beliefs, fears, and voices from the past and lack of contentment. We promise ourselves to change but without success in doing so. Does it sound familiar? In this meet,  “the freedom to live”we will experience the intensity of the subconscious with techniques of trance – meditation and NLP. We will familiarize with our ability to release old “traits” and be free to choose the lives we really want.

Tarika & Naama Hanegbi: Initiation of magic

Beyond the locked gate is a life of infinite charm. You are the magician. You are the one who locked the door. You have lost the key correct? Come and get it. Tarika and Naama Hanegbi in a winning combination of traditional tantra, Buddhism and therapy of Osho

Tarika: Death mediation

Nobody knows when that moment will come for our death. Death exists because of life’s existence. Life exists because of death. Life and death depend on one another in a mutual dependency. Who promises us that tomorrow will come? Are we really ready for death? When death will come what are we to do? If we repress, refrain from contemplating death, out of fear, we avoid the same way completely from life. This meditation that is taken from Osho’s “The Book of Secrets,” we will learn to get acquainted with death as meditation, as an opportunity to exercise what is past life and death. Everyone is invited even ones that participated before.

Jivany: Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation - the Classic of Dynamic Meditation. This is a four stages meditation: the first stage consists of shaking the body which releases tension in the muscles, joints and soul. The Second stage is allowing the body to dance freely. These two stages prepare us for meditation, we sit quietly listening to music, watching and enjoying the energy we created in the early stage. Last step relaxation and rest. This is one powerful meditation for the body and soul.

 Anar Tal – Acro Yoa

Maya Hod Ran: Flying with words – tasting sessions of Bibliotherapy

You are invited to a writing session that will plant seeds of creation. With the emphasis on precision, reduction and containment of this moment, and through the simplest, closest, most powerful tool you have at all times – writing. 

Maya Hod Ran: The story of my journey – tasting sessions of Bibliotherapy

Discover, write, live - your life story. What do we want to say goodbye? What words do we want to embody for ourselves in the future? We will try to process experiences in order to harness them to invent another story.

Moria Agmon: Raw Food Dessert

Light desserts (rawfood) are the culinary summit of the world of desserts. 

Their nutritional benefits are enormous, and they do not contain sugar, gluten and animal products. They are not baked, so all raw materials maintain their high nutritional value. Most importantly, they are delicious!

The choice of vegan food, pure and unprocessed, has a tremendous impact on the Earth and on all the creatures that feed on it. In the workshop we will learn about light desserts. We will get a brief overview of their principles and advantages, the raw materials and the preparation process. We will try to prepare a divine drink, warm and invigorating specialized for the winter, and we will learn to make chocolate mousse so wonderful that no one will believe that it is a vegan

Leah Smadja: Joint creation - Together celebrate the creation of life - creating a festival symbol

Life is a continuous and infinite creation. Every moment a new thing is created within us and every moment we create our lives. Influence, affected and create the fabric of life together. Let us join together in the infinite spring and celebrate life together in a shared creation.


Leah Smadja Together we create life

Each and every one is unique and together we create the fabric of the whole life. In the workshop we will connect to the source that creates within us, the unique spark of each and every one of us and bring it to expression in personal and group work.

Milan Carmeli: Breakups and new beginnings

What, did we really separate? Break- ups… An integral part of relationships and love. Each separation symbolizes the end of closeness and connection, but also the potential for learning and growth. A lot of mixed emotions each time we separate. It does not matter if we are the ones who left or those who were left behind. Each side has to deal with fears, feelings of guilt and loneliness. In the workshop we will explore the motivations and motivations behind the separation, what really caused the separation, what was the real dynamic in the relationship, and how these can continue. We will explore together the basic concepts of freedom, needs and guilt. Take a leap into this sensitive and charged subject, bringing clarity and power to your life.

Milan Carmeli: Dance Meditation Start / Stop

We will explore a powerful process of discovery, flow and resistance through the body. Various music clips invite you to come inside and experience yourself from the inside. As you move, you can go deeper and deeper, and find out what barriers exist in the expression of the same emotion, that quality of life. In the investigation of each moment we stop to give time for further listening. The process is suitable for those who want to explore a wide range of feelings and understand their personal attitude towards each one.

Milan Carmeli: My shadow in relationships

The truth is that we want to love and be loved, but then we get in trouble. The relationship we so long for misses and we ask ourselves "How does it happen again?" What we wanted in our hearts is not reflected in our actions. We create competition and feel disrespectful toward the other side. Our fears are deep and create complex processes and distance rather than closeness. In the workshop we will work against the shadow that drives our relationships. We approach it slowly and become friendly with it instead of ignoring and hiding it. We will create a new basis for communication with ourselves and the other. 

Mitra Ehud Drai : Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation The Classics of Dynamic Meditation. This is a meditation of four stages: the first stage in which we shake the body, release tension in the muscles, joints and even the soul. Then we let the body dance freely. These two stages prepare us for meditation, we sit quietly listening to music, watching and enjoying the energy we created in the early stages and tranquility. Last step consists of relaxation and rest.

Mitra Ehud Drai : The meditative heart

Wake up in the morning and get out of bed (without stripping yourself clean from the blanket). Before you wash your face or brush your teeth and sit with others waking up to morning meditation with your Master. A hearty entry from the face to the day can bring about change and love. We will sit in the embrace of the silence and darkness of closing our eyes and practice listening and our senses to walk with attention. Allowed after but not recommended.   

Maya Rabinovich: Numerology- the vibrational globe

We will focus on understanding the source of numbers and the vibration of each number in an original way. We will also study the fate of life and the numerological year for each participant.

 Maya Rabinovich: Crowley’s Tarot and Forest Secrets

Getting acquainted with Crowley's Tarot - the cards that are considered prestigious in the world. Each participant will have a personal message from the group. We will take another message from the "Forest Secrets"

Naama Hanegbi: The tantric orgasmic experience of the chakras – Traditional Tantra

The tantra teaches us a rich experience of sexuality and orgasm according to our chakras and invites us to feel united through male and female duality. This workshop invites you to a journey of discovering fun, active and depth at the same time, we will embark on a journey of movement and meditation in pairs, for an ecstatic self-discovery in the way of Tantra and Chakras. This Workshop consists of no nudity or sexual contact. Entrance in pairs of all types 🙂

 Naama Hanegbi: Tong Lang Meditation –for healing and compassion

Healing and compassion meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, for myself and for others. It is an explanation and practice of one of the powerful meditations for healing and compassion that the Tibetan tradition has given us. It is with great emphasis on the importance of combining the method and wisdom in our lives and the spiritual path.

Nancy Katz: Sustainable jewelry

The workshop teaches a simple technique for making special beads for repeated use of paper and cardboard. The technique is based on cutting and rolling the paper in different forms and pointing it out. From paper and cardboard we will create beautiful beads, we will assemble jewelry according to design and design in groups.

To develop awareness of sustainability through art, to be in creation, to create beautiful things ... through life ... no previous experience is necessary. 

Meirav Klein: The Voice connects to Natraj

The voice connects and connects us to the body, the emotion, the spirit and the consciousness - ours and that of the other. In the workshop we will move from expanses of trance and ecstasy to the spaces of silence and meditation, and we will focus on the different sensations that arise in us in different frequencies and rhythms. Let the voice be released, listen to the taut, and experience the harmony of presence and unity created in us and around us. The workshop is accompanied by live music and is open to all.

Meirav Klein: The wings of voice and creation

We were all born with creative musical and vocal abilities. Over the years our beliefs have been blocked, and mechanisms of shame, criticism and fear of exposure have developed. When we understand the depth of the creative barriers and receive the tools to release them, when we feel in space we allow and receive and dare to give the voice expression and freedom, when we become together a tune that envelops us all in loving wings ... The sky is no longer the limit and the elation and the excitement of the soul go beyond the heights. Welcome to the magic created when our wings connect together to one voice

Sufi Haim: A breathing journey into the Chakras

A journey of deep, experiential and powerful breathing through the seven chakras (centers of energy in the body). Breathing is a simple yet direct and transformative tool. 

With the help of breathing and the combination of sound and movement - we will awaken the energy of life, open the emotional body,

We will release mental cramps and noises and allow the heart and mind to expand.

 Sufi Haim: Meetings

This is an experiential and dynamic workshop, in which we will meet ourselves in depth, through meetings and sharing with the other.

By sharing words and interactions of movement, touch or look - We will practice authenticity and discover that we can really open up when space allows us to truly meet.

Ma Prem Sugandhu: An adventure in the Chakras

Many people know that the human body has seven chakras, or centers of energy, but few of us experience it in their lives. Chakras affect every aspect of our behavior, including our actions, relationships, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and ideals. They cover the whole range of human experience from species to consciousness:

Naama Katan: Mindfullness

Brain training session for peace and quiet and increase happiness in life. A learning and experiential introductory workshop in which we will learn and experience what Mindfulness is, its sources, and how it evolved into the world's leading method of reducing stress, increasing attention and concentration, and raising happiness and quality of life. During the workshop we will practice a number of practical exercises for the brain - focusing and observation techniques that help reduce stress, quiet the mind and increase happiness in life. These exercises you can practice yourself starting the day after the lecture. In conclusion, I will give practical tips on how to put more Mindfulness into life. You are all invited with love!

Adi Rozen: What is your destiny? The date of birth reveals this

On your birth date lays the great secret: What have you come to do in this world. By Date of Birth Adi Rosen, a certified Kabbalistic numerologist will teach you what your outstanding qualities are and what your mission is. It is recommended to bring writing tools. A useful souvenir gift will be given to all participants.

Adi Rozen: Improdate with Adi Terem 

I would like to invite you to a liberating experience, filled with lightness and laughter. During the evening we will meet a large number of charming people, and through creative exercises we will produce a safe space that will enable an authentic connection - without "grocery lists" or a sense of "job interview". Remember and practice how to bring lightness and spontaneity to our meetings, how to put aside the habits and patterns of thinking and behavior that often make us miss those who really stand before us. The exercises and tools you will get familiar with during the evening will help you make every encounter in your life with someone new enjoyable and exciting. And at the end of the evening ... you can deliver messages, compliments, telephones and Facebook accounts to each of the participants (especially those you liked) in an original and surprising way...

Simon Kiper: Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodge, a ritual of purification and rebirth from Indian culture. A ceremony that unites the forces of creation and creates a small universe or womb enveloping and embracing that allows for deep cleansing, peel peeling, personal empowerment, connection to unity and the opening of the heart. * Participation in the Sweat lodge is supplemented by payment and pre-registration in the Festival’s Information Center.

Sitara Atmo: Rebirthing to heart Chakra

We will fill our bodies with oxygen, and connect through the breath to our energetic hearts. From there the body will lead us to the healing and shedding; all that is left is to let loose of your control. We will allow any emotion that was not fully expressed nor manifested and each emotional block will be open.

Sitara Atmo: Laughing drums meditation

A tribal dance celebration developed at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. It’s consisted of exciting and sweeping music that connects us to the ground and lifts us high to the sky. Let's disappear into the rhythm.

Ravit Yasur: Frequencies in motion - Correction of the heart

A dance that strips the layers of the personality and touches the essence is a powerful tool that will expand our abilities to compassion, forgive and love. In the dance of the way of the heart we discover what covers love in our lives under conditions and makes us act out of fears.

Ravit Yasur: Frequencies in motion – Dancefulness

In a delightful dance, a window opens to Rikd's power as a generator of change, a healing movement with a color map. The color map is an internal compass that is encoded in our bodies with which we navigate into a life of love and fulfillment. In creative dance, we add to our accuracy the color that is lost in the way, bringing to life the frequency we need to make our dreams come true

Keren Neliya Farkash: Bollywood dancing

Dance Bollywood

Colorful street dances starring in the Bollywood film industry. The choreography is built on the musical rhythm and repetitive movements so that they are easy and flow with the natural movement of the body. A charming combination of a free dance style, which is spiced with elements of the classical world, the game, facial expressions and body gestures, which make the dance experience engaging and exciting. The catchy songs are based on Bollywood soundtracks and connect us to the rhythm, joy and energy that enables us to free ourselves and to fool together, to enjoy and to give legitimate expression to whatever the body seeks. And in the end, what is most identified with Bollywood dancing is the smile that is smeared on our faces and widens our hearts and souls! Bollywood!

Inbal Chesner: Balanced view

A meeting on the subject - effortless meditation with immediate results

In this session, you will learn directly about the nature of our mind and will be able to apply a simple practice that will allow you to recognize the stability, relaxation and freedom that exist in all situations. The practice is called meditation for short moments, moments in which we relax mind and body and recognize our ability to rest naturally with everything that appears and recognize our beneficial power and the energy that is always available to us. I will share my experience with you and will let you practice the experience in your experience. There will be room for questions and participation from the participants in the study.

Inbal Chesner: Love and relationships - how to create harmony in relationships

In the workshop we will deepen our practice together by reading a short text and intensifying the instructions and key points for the implementation of the practice in relationships and harmony. Enjoy a quiet break during the workshop where you can implement the guidelines and then meet and share the challenges and results of your experience together.

Rishi: Introduction to the diagnosis of a structural (body) type

In this workshop we will expand the knowledge about the relationship between characteristics of the body's situations and the initial emotional states, and we will learn to identify the different body types. We will understand the physical patterns and deep emotional experiences that shape them. The structure of our body does not depend solely on these genetic traits and is influenced by the experiences of our lives in our first years.

Rishi: Integrated dynamic breathing

Breathing accompanies us at every moment of our lives and determines the quality of our being in the world. In this workshop we will bring awareness of breathing and learn short techniques for liberation, pleasure and health 

Rotem Schlauzer: Flamenco Workshop - Dance the Five Elements

Flamenco was not born as a dance with heels and flowers; it was born to revive the body and soul of the margins of society in Spain (gypsies, Jews and Muslims). While singing, dancing and playing, the whole soul is united with the surrounding and the five elements within us - fire, wood, water, metal and earth. You are invited to taste the magic. (No dance experience required).


Rotem Schlauzer:  Shiatsu workshop in pairs - with clothes

We will learn to release an upper back and neck using basic techniques from Shiatsu and Twina. During the workshop, I will give you many tips that make the contact easy and easy to use in every home, without any special effort.

Rupesh Mazor: Heart Dance

I would like to introduce to you an Osho meditation of songs and dances in a light and playful spirit. Together we will learn and sing original and well-known songs, join them in dances and enjoy every moment...

Shay Gerberz : Channeling Circle

Fly on Life: In this circle, Suran will talk about the structure of our soul as human beings during this period and what are the reasons that prevent us from flying on life. What is the feeling of liberation and how to acquire it?

Shay Gerberz : Channeling Circle

To strengthen the wings and to part from the weight ... In this circle, Suran will expand on the methods and ways to experience a light, simple and pleasant life ... about ways to separate from the fears that bring us down to the ground ... The circle will focus on practice and will continue to the previous cycle...

Shay Gilboa: Self-care in Far Eastern tradition

We all can take better care of ourselves. The question is how? Chinese medicine is now the most advanced preventive medicine in the world and contains many tools that can help us to treat the pain / minor problems (chronic or acute) ourselves, whether it is simple magic solutions or invitation to long processes, the workshop touched on how to deal with stress, Orthopedic pain (back and neck pain) through various Chinese medicine tools such as the Twaina - self-massage of small points / muscles in the body, qigong - simple energetic exercise in motion, Chinese diet and lifestyle. The workshop is suitable for all ages, combines explanations, demonstrations and self-practices.

Shay Gilboa: Know how to touch

In this workshop we will learn why it is important to touch each other more - what are the benefits of touch, and how to touch correctly (the quality of touch - what to look for and how to work with body feedback) in a way that is harmless to the therapist and pleasant and accurate to the patient. The workshop is experiential and sensual, during which we will practice with one partner a simple basic tool that can be easily applied almost anywhere. It is intended for anyone who wants to expand his horizons on a communication channel through touch, in a safe, pleasant and welcoming space. At the end of the workshop we will also acquire basic tools for self-care and other common problems that exist in every home - headaches, stomach, back and what will suffice. It is recommended to get as fresh and curious as possible.



Raphael Emanuel Ran: Kabbalah Psychotherapy

A workshop that touches ancient Kabbalistic knowledge and is in fact an attempt to complete and renew in the way of the heart in an experiential, inspiring and energetic way. An investigation of the letters of the Hebrew language and other ideas from the tradition and writings in our hands from contemporary consciousness, gathering, assembling, interpreting and teaching, and the desire to connect the knowledge to a physical, emotional and spiritual experience. We will experience relaxation practice - Kabbalistic psychotherapy. Observation, breathing, sound and movement. 

Shlomo Dharma: Morning Bliss

An active meditation that combines dance, breathing, yoga, Pilates exercises and relaxation techniques that allow optimal opening of flow to every cell in the body. Meditation emphasizes the connection between consciousness and the body, increasing awareness of how we function with our bodies, and brings rapid results of a strong, flexible and relaxed body. The morning bliss is tuned.  "Turning your body "on "and your mind "off”

Shlomo Dharma: Super foods

Super-foods are the diamonds and treasures of nature. In a fascinating lecture, we will learn about supernatural foods and their enormous impact on our physical and mental health. We will learn about the natural healing abilities of the body, and how these natural treasures help us in building and empowering cells, energy and creating real health and joy of life. In the workshop we will learn about various supernatural foods and how they should be integrated into everyday life in an easy and simple way. The lecture is conducted in a light and humoristic manner that is typical of the facilitator, which combines stories, legends and essential information.

Shlomo Dharma: Detoxification of the body

A fascinating lecture on food and its components as a major factor in the creation of diseases in our body. How with nutrition, we can lead to total healing. We will understand the toxins accumulated in the body as a result of poor nutrition and lack of awareness during the years of our existence, and on the other hand we will examine why clean the body tissues and purify the digestive system. A clean system allows the body to live with increased liveliness and serenity.

Shelly Varood: Sexual Body - an experiential workshop led by Shelly Varood (sexual and couples counselor) and Lian Vides (physical psychotherapist)

Healthy sexuality consists of our ability to detach ourselves from the outside world and be present in the moment. But when we are troubled by the messages we have received in the past or today about our body or sexuality, or are afraid to show ourselves at the most revealing moments (sex and orgasm), it is not easy to enjoy the touch. This workshop brings you to examine the messages and feelings you have received in the context of sexuality, physical changes you underwent and the image of the body that was created as a result of you to learn to move to a pleasurable sexual safe place and develop a healthy sexual relationship with yourself. In this workshop, we will discuss the way we were designed to think about sex and sexuality in our childhood and today, about the physiological responses of the body at the moment of sexual contact or the first thought about sex and orgasm (and afterwards), and how our body image is influenced by messages that are not always correct and how to neutralize Them in sexual moments and in life.

Shelly Vrood: Monogamish

We will take part in a lecture about breaking boundaries in relationships and strengthening desires. Quite a few couples choose to move romantic love into a stable and monogamous relationship and to the familiar pattern of an exclusive (or without) children relationship as a family unit and a sense of stability. “Such a relationship is beneficial, but for passion and good sex life over the years, a little less. Today we know that even if at first we had amazing sex 'in the long term, it will be difficult to keep the flame.

We set out on a journey with Shelly Varood, a sexual and couples consultant, into the most modern ideas from sexologists and world-renowned sexologists and couples. In this journey, I will talk about Dan Savage, who conceived the idea of ​​monogamy (a monogamous relationship that allows different degrees of sexual contact with others), the foundations of passion in the modern world according to psychotherapist Esther Pearl, In her work with Israeli couples! You are invited to receive sexual, intellectual, and borderline inspiration. 

Shir Sofer: Overtones

Overtones are considered to be the most wonderful poetry in the world, sounding in two voices. A workshop for the study and production of surface sounds and overtones in various techniques without effort, the use of overtone for the production of clear melodies, improvisation and treatment, in-depth acquaintance with musical instruments that produce overtones.

Shir Sofer: Healing sounds

Journey to the world of music healing, ancient string instruments, gongs, Tibetan bowls, sound therapy, wind instruments and the singing of overtone sounds.

Tom Holtsman: The song of heart

At night we will gather together for a circle of heart-singing - songs of prayer and awakening of the soul, songs that connect it to the heart of the beating one. We will hear and sing songs from close and distant traditions and from countries beyond the sea. We will sing together and we will listen and receive the gifts that come through the music. Together we will send our best shared intentions to our lives and all lives.

Tom Holtsman: Gardening – Circle

Open circle conversation about gardening. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the garden that you have and did not yet get a chance to ask. How can we create a garden on the balcony and in a small area, how to grow healthy and fresh food, a small bed that brings food and flowers, useful plants and other plants in our environment? We will talk about the gardener's calendar, about sowing, planting and reaping. We will get tips and ideas. You do not need experience or knowledge.

Sharon Cohen: The Golden threads of Destiny

What is destiny and how can one discover it? How do we collect the golden threads throughout our lives to spin a garment that is all of gold that is our destiny? We will explore a simple and effective formula that becomes a map according to which we move on the path of discovery and fulfillment.


Sharon Cohen: A lecture from the child within to my child

A lecture that will change your worldview about what is education and what is parenting. A lecture that will elaborate on how to work on conscious parenting as well as how to turn the difficulties and conflicts with children into emotional and spiritual growth spaces.