Nataraj Festival – Desert Adventure

Welcome to all our cosmopolitan travelers

We are very happy to have you with us. 
Our festival will gladly receive you with open hands, this year we are working especially on an English-speakers-friendly line up... with all the relevant workshops and their description for you

We haven't yet published our Line Up, but here's some general info about the workshops you would find in our Festival:

We have 9 different Gates

The Music gate - with the best music in town.

The Natural gate - workshop concerning healthy life style and habits, we will have here some Raw Food workshops, Natural cosmetics and cooking classes.

The Art and Creation gate - here we will have some improvisation class, craft and art and some writing sessions.

The Heart gate consists of re-birthing and breathing sessions, family constellation, voice healing and etc. Here we come to heal ourselves.

The Relation gate - Tantra session, speed dating, relation-healing and more (most of it is unfortunately in Hebrew).

The Meditation gate - Here we are definitely very English-friendly! Osho's active meditations, mindfulness, meditation with music and etc

The Body gate - Tai-chi, Yoga, Kundalini yoga, laughter yoga and more. Our body is our Temple.

The Dancing gate - Improvisation, Tribal fusion, Biodanza, Salsa, Taragon, Bolywood, African dance and more dancing classes - flowing with the music is the best cure for all!

The Alternative gate - Shamanism, conscious dreaming, NLP...

More info is yet to come!