Ma Shanti Gitama

Osho Tantra


Ma Shanti Gitama
Born in Germany, studied psychology and philosophy at Frankfurt University. She has been working with people in the field of tantra and meditation since 1989. Therapist and former director of the Osho School of Tantra and Meditative Therapies, Pune. Trained in and conducting workshops in Tantra, Counseling, Primal, Inner man-Inner Woman work, Breath , Energy work and Meditative Therapies worldwide. Lives since 2002 in Israel, and mom of twin girls since 2012 ❣


Osho Tantra: Unio Mystica Event
The science of merging male and female polarities. The Inner Man/ inner Woman work explores the psychology of the Buddhas and is the Tantric key to transcending duality.
The work is based on the fact that every human being is actually half male and half female. As long as we haven’t discovered the inner harmony between the polarities, our outer relationships will reflect our inner conflicts. here we will explore the different personas that we are, including their needs and ways of integration. We will open a door into a more fulfilled life. It enables us to the meeting between man and woman, the root principle that makes life happen, and the potential for expanding in meditation. An experiment in intimacy and presence , where our essential male and female energies can meet in love and awareness transcending polarities and separation