Nuasnomar dance collective

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NUASNOMAR dance collective

Irene Baró Camps, Mareike Beiersdorf, Holdine Wolter and Hannah Zauner got to know each other in 2017 as part of the dance education year at Seneca Intensiv (Berlin). Due to the inspiring cooperation, it came to the formation of a dance collective. We love to work with different movement languages coming from contemporary dance, martial arts, oriental dances and contact improvisation. The essence of the work of nuasnomar is that our dance arises from a deep connection with the breath and the voice. We create stories and poems and relate them to our movement. That is how we achieve a feeling of fullness. Our intention is to share this feeling and help spreading the dance to places where it has received little attention so far, such as rural areas and educational institutions. We see our dance as a opportunity to communicate topics that are close to our hearts and also to get in touch with people in different cultural contexts.

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WORKSHOP “Move the unspoken”

We explore the connection between movement and speech in dance. To this end, we prepare the voice to come from deep inside of our bodies, through connecting our breath with our movement. This experience can help us to come up with a short text, that grew naturally in our dance. This words will be used to sing in movement, to put music and rhythm into our words. With the body as an essential partner. With these exercises we try to create a new language which begins as an idea or impulse in the body and exits our body as a sound. Strengthening the relationship of motion and sound. We explore how sound affects our motion and how motion affects our sounds. Letting the body speak out loud, like kids in the playground. Why restraining the voices coming from our bones, guts, limbs, vocal chords? We speak more than languages. We speak sound.
The movement of the voice becomes a silent giant. Let’s dive together into the deep valley between the voice and the movement.How does it sound when your pelvis speaks?



PERFORMANCE “De la flor, la raíz” (10 min)
Wild hands leave traces in my head
I observe
– do I serve the one I see?
I am turning and sometimes I notice the difference
there is no reason for putting it into words
It is a big surprise seeing my own head from behind
turning it to the front
or the other way around
in any case it is upside down
to what we see
– but I see what you mean
I am hungry
what I am looking for I only understand as it’s in front of me
Apparently just
Traces in our heads