Prem Sugandho

קצת עלי

Prem Sugandho, on the journey of inner inquiry and meditation since age 21. I grew up in Germany, where I studied and completed University degrees in Education, Psychology and Sociology. On my inner search I have been mainly influenced by OSHO, but as well by Sufism, Buddhism and Christianity. In the last years, I am directing my inner search to Coming Home to myself and see this as my main theme when working with people. I am leading Chakra Trainings and workshops in Israel and Europe. The world of chakras has always been the umbrella for the many different themes I am working with, because they offer depth and inner wisdom and yet allow me to include any psychological tool and research background needed to guide people safely through their ups and downs in life.

מה אנחה?

Intuition of the Heart
Like instinct is part of our body, intuition is part of our consciousness (OSHO). There are 3 doors in the energy bodies that make it easy to tap into our intuitive abilities: The heart, the third eye and the Hara centre. Let’s explore in an easy and playful way the power of intuition and its different qualities! I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends after such a long time. Sugandho